What We Treat


Our multidisciplinary staff takes a holistic view of every man and woman who comes to us for treatment, and creates an individualized treatment regimen that takes into account their personal beliefs and history. Living in recovery is so much more than merely stopping the use of substances. In order to really thrive and have the sobriety last, we guide the individual to process past events, learn to manage life’s challenges, and have a support system of fellow recovering people. At Ascension, we address the person holistically, so that their mind, body and spirit are all given healing attention.

Dual Diagnosis

Quite often, when addressing a substance addiction, there will be a dual diagnosis, or a co-occurring disorder, that presents itself along with the chemical dependency. The most common dual diagnoses are anxiety, depression, and trauma, including PTSD. Our multidisciplinary staff is trained to identify symptoms and treat these disorders alongside the addiction treatment. By addressing the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder during our addiction treatment process, we are able to give the individual the best possible chance at long term recovery, as they will have tools to manage both the cravings for their drug of choice and also the symptoms of their secondary diagnosis.

Mental Health Issues

Our multidisciplinary staff is also trained to assist clients who come to us with a primary diagnosis that is a mood or behavioral disorder like depression, anxiety, or trauma. Our serene and inspirational location in Palm Springs and the therapeutic processes we offer make for a great platform to work through issues related to these disorders and learn to better manage the symptoms when the client re-integrates back into normal life.

Contact Us for Answers and Information

Our admissions counselors can answer your questions about getting help for yourself or a loved one. When you call, our admissions team will provide a confidential and complimentary assessment of your situation, and also verify your insurance benefits so that you can know what portion of treatment at Ascension will be covered.

Please give us a call at 877-597-5700. It’s 100% confidential and we’re happy to help you with any questions.

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