Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

The Entire Continuum of Care Facilitated by Multidisciplinary Practitioners

Ascension provides clinically cutting edge treatment in a serene and inspirational setting in Palm Springs. Recovering with us is transformative and life changing due to our clinical excellence and years of experience connecting with individuals to help them  facilitating change in their lives.

Our location downtown Palm Springs provides access to a wide variety of careers, educational opportunities, and outdoor activities. Many of the clients who receive residential treatment stay in the area to continue meeting with our staff and keep in touch with friends in recovery they’ve made. Our multiple levels of care allow the client to “step down” gradually so that they have a support system in place while they re-integrate back into society.


The first step is halting the intake of substances and getting the man or woman stabilized and ready to participate in the therapeutic processes of residential treatment.  Ascension can provide for a safe & comfortable detoxification for any substance.  We prioritize both comfort and safety and can arrange for psychiatric assistance with a variety of medications to make the detoxification process as smooth as possible.

Residential Treatment

Our low bed count (14 maximum residential clients) and high staff to client ratio allows us to provide highly supervised treatment and closely monitor each client’s progress so that we can make adjustments based on their progress or any other developments in their recovery.

Our serene location in Palm Springs is ideal for our clients to take the time to address personal issues, make breakthroughs, and implement new behaviors without the distractions and stress of normal life.

Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

For the client who has progressed in their recovery to the point that they have returned home (or moved into one of many sober living environments in the area) and want to still participate in treatment activities and receive the support of our clinical staff, we offer an Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and a Day Treatment program.

The IOP program meet a few days a week and for a few hours at a time to process what the participants are going through, perform drug screenings, and take part in a variety of therapeutic processes.

The Day Treatment program is more intensive than the IOP program, and it allows participants to get into deeper issues than the IOP program.

Sober Living Homes

Ascension has partnered with several sober living homes in the area who can provide a residence for those who are participating in (or matriculating from) clinical treatment at Ascension.

Contact our Admissions Team for Answers and Information

Our admissions counselors are standing by to answer your questions about getting help for yourself or a loved one. When you call, our admissions team will provide a confidential and complimentary assessment of your situation, and also verify your insurance benefits so that you can know what portion of treatment at Ascension will be covered.  Call us today at (909)736-4241 to let the healing begin.