Holistic Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health Treatment Center in Palm Springs, CA

Ascension’s specialized staff is highly trained and experienced in addressing mental health issues. We will work alongside our clients to develop the best treatment plan for them and the struggles they are facing.

Our programs incorporate a holistic and integrated approach to recovery – focusing on helping each client set goals and work towards them so that they can have a happier and more fulfilling future.

The Struggles of Behavioral and Mood Disorders

The symptoms of a disorder can be disarming to cope with in everyday life. The symptoms may be very discouraging and the sufferer may resist getting help because they are in denial or want to conceal what they are struggling with. Until a person has been properly diagnosed, they may not even be aware that they are suffering from the symptoms of a behavioral or mood disorder. They may feel ashamed that they can’t control their thoughts or behaviors.Stigma may cause a person to hide the symptoms of a worsening mental health disorder because they’re afraid they will be judged or no one will understand. Some people with mood or behavioral disorders may be scared that they’ll have symptoms in public.

Anxiety and depression are a couple of the most common disorders and they can manifest in both physical and mental symptoms. People who are depressed may have aches and pains that have nothing to do with physical illnesses. People with PTSD may have scary flashbacks or anxiety attacks unrelated to anything that’s wrong in the present moment. Many disorders may make tasks such as decision-making more difficult. If the person hasn’t been properly diagnosed and treated, they may be bewildered when they suffer the symptoms of their disorder, and this can be isolating.

Getting Help From Our Multidisciplinary Staff

Our treatment program can help individuals who are experiencing mental health disorders feel less isolated. They’ll spend time with their peers in recovery as well as mental health professionals. While in treatment, they will also learn how to respond or even control some of their symptoms, improving their social skills as well as their self-confidence. If psychiatric medication is required, our consulting psychiatrist can monitor and prescribe the client’s progress.

Co-Occurring Mental Disorders

Some of our clients may suffer from more than one mood or behavioral disorder and come to us seeking relief from the stresses of both. Often a client will suffer from both depression and anxiety, for example.

In our mental health treatment center, we provide individual therapy sessions as well as group processes and therapeutic activities. All of our treatment modalities are evidence based. There are therapy groups throughout the day as well as groups that offer different tools for self-expression and storytelling. At Ascension, we provide a compassionate, supportive environment that helps each individual learn new coping skills and set new goals.

Our Approach to Mental Health Treatment

Our expert staff works with our clients to create the best possible outcomes and rediscover their purpose in life. Our goal is to help each individual reclaim his or her life through disease management and behavioral therapy. Through an integrated approach, our clients learn tools and behaviors to help them cope with the most difficult aspects of their mental health disorders.

If necessary, an individual may need to take psychotherapeutic medications as part of their treatment plan to control symptoms of their mental health disorder. We can provide meetings with our consulting psychiatrist who can assist with an ongoing assessment and medication management.

Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

We recognize that addiction and mood or behavioral disorders are often co-occurring disorders, and many of our clients come to us with a need to get proper treatment for both. If a person comes to us with a substance abuse disorder, we work on co-occurring disorders and developing a holistic treatment plan for both.

Before developing a treatment, each client will undergo a thorough mental health evaluation to help understand their mood or behavioral disorders as well as any substance abuse disorder they may have. Our staff will work to understand the symptoms they may be suffering, providing the clarity to create personalized goals for each individual who enters the treatment program.

Everyone Has a Right to Recovery

Our treatment center is inclusive, no matter what your background or the issues you’re dealing with. You’re not alone, and your life is worth living. We’re here to provide a safe, compassionate environment to learn more about your disorder and the tools to cope with it. Every year, millions of people are diagnosed with a mood or behavioral disorder, and many of them go on to seek help and live their lives to the fullest. Just like any disease, disorders can be managed. You too can live a fulfilling life and find your serenity, no matter what your struggles. A treatment program can help you find and work with your inner strengths to rise above them.

If you’re seeking help for a mental health disorder, or you think you may have a problem with alcohol or drugs, you’re in the right place.

Please give us a 100% confidential call at 877-597-5700 to learn more about your treatment options. We’re here to help.

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