Addiction Treatment for Mature Adults

A Serene Setting For our Multidisciplinary Staff to Work with You

Ascension offers specialized treatment for drug and alcohol professional mature adults. Our residential addiction treatment center for has a multidisciplinary team of professionals experienced in helping older mature adults quit abusing drugs to rediscover their purpose in life.

Mature Adults and Drug/Alcohol Abuse

Some facts about the increasing prevalence of mature adult drug abuse:

  • A 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that 8.2% of seniors over the age of 65 binge drink, while 2 percent drink heavily.
  • In older adults from ages 50 to 64, illicit drug use has been increasing at an alarming rate.
  • Alcohol and prescription drug abuse affects as much as 17% of older adults, but until recently, few people talked about the pain of addiction for men and women over the age of 50.

Prescription drugs are commonly abused drugs by older adults. Alcohol is also quite frequently abused.

Many mature adults may feel lonely or isolated and develop a dependence on drugs. A person who is abusing drugs or alcohol will often try to hide substance abuse from others, making it difficult for the family to truly understand what’s going on. Addiction is isolating and easy to mask, and family and friends may not notice the problem.

Specialized Treatment for Mature Adults

Mature adults experience addiction and recovery differently from others, and they have different mental, physical, and spiritual needs than their younger peers. Our multidisciplinary staff has experience working with professional mature adults, helping them to find their way from addiction to serenity.

Mature adult addiction treatment is specialized, and our program is designed to meet their needs. When a person enters residential treatment, we evaluate their health. A medical evaluation will help us learn more about their history, including their drug use and previous treatment. We also assess incoming clients for any co-occurring mental health disorders. Many of our mature clients suffer from depression, anxiety, or trauma (and PTSD). Any co-existing health conditions or mood or behavioral disorders can also be monitored when entering a treatment program.

The issues we work with professional adults are often age-related and sometimes include physical health problems, depression, health and family concerns. We focus the treatment on rediscovering purpose and serenity in life. Our environment is compassionate and meant to take many factors into account, such as age, physical health, mental acuity, and life story.

Because our staff works with mature adults, they’re prepared to work with medication management. Our clients come to us with varied backgrounds and life stories. Some of our clients come to us as the primary caregiver. Others come to us with health and wellness concerns, managing chronic disease. Some of them are coping with grief and loss. They may have financial concerns or worries about retirement. These are all important issues that must be addressed to help our clients have the best chance for long-term serenity.

Getting Help

In our treatment center, no one is alone. In our inclusive, compassionate program, we work to meet each client’s needs at this moment in life, and provide them with the tools to live each moment to the fullest.

One of the strongest things a person who is addicted to a substance can do is ask for help. Getting help for a drug or alcohol problem is the first step to leading a fulfilling life. Addiction is a disease and residential treatment has shown to have some of the best outcomes for mature adults with drug problems.

Are you interested in learning more about residential treatment for mature adults in California? Do you want to know if Ascension is the right treatment plan for you or your loved one? Please give us a 100% confidential phone call at 877-597-5700.

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