Depression & Addiction Rehab

A Healing Retreat with Clinical Experts in Palm Springs, CA

If you’re looking for help with your depression, and you’re worried you have a substance abuse problem, we want you to know you’re in the right place. Ascension specializes in helping those with depression and substance abuse disorders reclaim their lives.

Depression is one of the most common and debilitating disorders in the United States, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. Many people who have sought help for their depression may have had trouble getting the treatment they deserve.

Many people who struggle with chronic depression may try to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. This can cause worsening symptoms or even new symptoms of other disorders, depending on the individual and the nature of the drugs they use.

Depression is a serious disorder and it requires treatment to get better. Alcohol and drugs can’t help with that. It’s important to know that if you’re depressed, you can get better, but not while you’re using drugs and alcohol to mask your symptoms.

Residential treatment is often ideal for a person suffering from depression because it removes the stressors of everyday life, allowing the individual to focus on him or herself. This allows our clients the freedom to reclaim their lives in a caring, supportive environment.

If you’re suffering from depression and think you may have a problem with drugs, the good news is that you’re not alone. You can change your circumstances, learn to live without the use of alcohol and drugs, and begin the process of healing and finding serenity. Our treatment program can help you transform the way you live. We provide a safe, compassionate environment that can help you learn new coping skills and chart a path to fulfillment in life.

You deserve to live a life free from the pain of addiction and depression. Ascension can help you carve a path to recovery and serenity in a safe, confidential environment focused on growing and healing.

Understanding the Role of Depression in Addiction & Recovery

Many of our clients come to us with undiagnosed or untreated depression. As we stated before, depression is one of the most common mental health issues in America today. Unfortunately, people who don’t live with depression often don’t understand it.

When you’re depressed, you don’t just feel "down and out" – there are also a host of physical symptoms that can make it difficult to function. Feeling too tired to get out of bed, or phantom aches and pains are common among depressed people. Some people will say they feel like they’re walking around "in a fog" or that they’re unable to focus on work or things they once enjoyed. Some people even think or speak of suicide.

A depressed individual may become more isolated, and withdraw more from the world with these symptoms. This is why so many people who suffer from depression turn to alcohol or other drugs to self-medicate. That self-medication may seem to work at first, but eventually, a substance abuse disorder may develop, as they need more of their drug of choice to feel "better" or "normal".

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for individuals who are suffering from depression, but Ascension is here to help.

We understand that you may have tried different treatments in the past. The truth is that not everyone experiences depression in the same way. Because of this, not every person needs the same treatment. We work to find the treatment plan that is best for each individual’s needs, including medication when appropriate.

A Holistic Approach to Depression & Addiction Treatment

At Ascension, our multidisciplinary team has decades of experience helping depressed individuals find a path to recovery and serenity. We work to find the source of your depression, teach new coping skills, and help you get feedback from your peers. Our treatment program provides an environment that is ideal to understand your mental health and creating a plan for growth and healing.

When entering our depression and addiction treatment program, our trained staff will want to rule out any physical causes or medical problems that could exacerbate or co-exist with your depression. From the beginning, we assess incoming clients for other co-occurring disorders. Throughout the program we monitor this diagnosis carefully for any changes, including starting or adjusting medication if needed.

Our program incorporates many types of therapy, from individual to group therapy, on a variety of topics to help you learn to share and cope with your diagnosis. Our supportive, caring environment provides an intimate setting to experience and share hope and change with your peers as you grow at your own pace.

Once you’ve finished your time in the program, you may have fears about re-entering the world. Ascension will help you make your transition and plan your next steps. The treatment plan will be tailored to help address these fears and prepare you for the transition. We will also sit down with your loved ones to create a plan for your aftercare.

Aftercare plans are tailored to the individual and may include sober housing, outpatient programs, day program and therapy. Family is often a part of the aftercare plan, so we work to make them a part of the transition and refer them to resources, if needed.

How Do I or My Loved One Get Started with Depression & Addiction Treatment?

If you’re suffering from depression or another mental health problem, and you think you have a problem with drugs, you’re not alone.

Reclaiming your life and starting a new path starts with a phone call. You don’t need to suffer in silence or live life under the cloud of depression anymore. There is help available. You just have to ask for it.

Please give us a call at 877-597-5700. It’s 100% confidential and we’re happy to help you with any questions.

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