Choosing an Addiction Rehab Center in Palm Springs, California

Posted on July 21, 2017

Choosing an Addiction Rehab Center in Palm Springs, CaliforniaA quick Internet search will turn up dozens of addiction treatment facilities around the Palm Springs, California area. Each one has its own pros and cons. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you or your loved one. No two people’s experiences with addiction and recovery are exactly the same. That is why it is important to take the time to ask questions and explore several facilities before settling on one. Here are a few things to consider:

What types of programs do they offer?

Does the facility only offer residential care, or do they offer a broader spectrum of services such as detox, residential and outpatient programs, and aftercare? Some facilities partner with an off-site detox center, while others like Ascension offer detox on-site. Depending on where you are in your recovery journey, you may want to opt for a program that offers more comprehensive services giving you options. Many clients benefit from transitioning at their own pace and being able to build a strong connection with the program.

How is addiction treated?

Find out what therapies and modalities are used in treating addiction. Does the facility use evidence-based approaches? Are there holistic therapies available? What role does mental health care play? You want to find a facility in Palm Springs, CA that is equipped to handle your individual needs and can provide the high-quality care you’re looking for. It is not uncommon for individuals struggling with addiction to have co-occurring disorders, so if that is the case, is the facility trained in these areas?

What activities do clients participate in?

Addiction recovery is about more than detox and talk therapy. It is about building a heathier lifestyle that embraces sobriety. It is important to incorporate physical activity, nutrition education, stress relief, and relapse prevention skills into treatment as well. Some facilities also offer other programs that include music, art, recreation, social outings, and other activities. Take time to ask questions about what the scheduling and programs look like so you have a better idea of how you will be spending your time and how these activities benefit recovery.

What type of ongoing support is provided?

Once you have finished treatment, what steps are taken to help you reintegrate into the community? Are there sober living homes available or support groups? Helping clients to build the skills necessary to establish healthy routines and take steps to prevent relapse is essential. But should you have a slip, what protocols are in place? Find out if there are aftercare or outpatient programs available for future needs. Sometimes this follow-up is necessary to stay on track with recovery and overcome slips.

Do your research and choose a program that fits best with your needs and will provide you with the personalized care you deserve. Not all rehab facilities are the same, so take the time to talk to the staff, learn more about the services, and find a good fit that will support you in your recovery journey. Ascension Treatment Centers provides comprehensive, personalized care for men and women, including programming for mature adults. It is not too late to turn your life around and overcome addiction.