Anxiety & Addiction Treatment

A Personalized Program of Recovery Just for You

Anxiety disorders and addiction often go hand-in hand with each other. Anxiety is a co-occurring disorder that should be addressed in conjunction with the substance abuse treatment in order for a person in recovery to survive and thrive in their new life.

At Ascension, we specialize in helping people who struggle with

  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Other co-occurring diagnoses like depression and trama (incl. PTSD)

The feelings associated with anxiety disorders can have a negative impact on a recovering individual’s daily life. Because of this, a person suffering from one of these disorders may be even more inclined to abuse a drug or alcohol to find “relief”. This can quickly become a pattern of substance abuse that can spiral out of control.

If this sounds like you or someone you care about, then you’re not alone. You may be ready for a change and wondering where to start.

At Ascension, we believe you deserve to live your life fully – not only sober, but serene and fulfilled. Our process will help you learn to cope with your anxiety in positive ways. Treatment is often very transformative and the first step to a fulfilling, serene new way of life.

Understanding the Role of Anxiety in Addiction & Recovery

We often find that people who suffer from anxiety disorders are discouraged about seeking treatment for a substance addiction. Many people have attempted to quit using drugs or tried getting treatment and may not have had great results. Because of this, they may worry that a dual diagnosis treatment center can’t help them, either. Not everyone is trained to understand mental health disorders, and not every treatment center will work for dual diagnosed individuals.

Our dual diagnosis program is designed to help people who suffer from anxiety disorders find a new way to live, without relying on alcohol or drugs to cope with their pain. Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders find the world overwhelming, and self-medicating is often one of the coping skills they turn to in order to live with this disorder.

Our multidisciplinary treatment staff can help people with anxiety disorders find relief from the pain of addiction and a fulfilling, serene life without the use of alcohol or drugs. Many people with anxiety disorders find that effective drug treatment that is built upon evidence based therapeutic processes can create a dramatic difference in the way that they see the world.

A Holistic Approach to Treatment & Anxiety Disorders

At Ascension, our skilled, compassionate treatment team works to help each individual, no matter their mental health challenges, chart a path towards wellness without the use of alcohol and drugs. Everyone who comes here finds him or herself in a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate environment geared toward healing and positive change.

When a person arrives for treatment, we want to rule out any physical causes or medical problems that could exacerbate or be a root cause of an anxiety disorder. We also assess incoming clients for other co-occurring disorders. All of this is to help learn more about a client’s individual needs so we can create a treatment plan that works and guides the client toward healing.

Part of healing from the pain and stigma of addiction often involves family members. Our program includes therapy with and for family members, as well as resources to help family with their own journey toward healing.

As a part of our program, we offer group therapy sessions, individual therapy and family therapy sessions to help individuals get the support they need. Clients with anxiety disorders will learn more about their diagnosis, symptoms and coping tools. They will also learn about addiction and recovery. The goal of this is to help our clients work towards healthier behaviors and coping skills they can use in their daily life.

A treatment center is a good way for individuals with anxiety disorders to remove the substances from their system and take time to focus on themselves. An inpatient program gives clients access to a supportive, empathetic community of peers to speak with about their issues and learn new coping behaviors.

If medication is needed, we have a consulting psychiatrist to help make those decisions with clients. We have built our program to address spiritual, social, mental and physical needs.

Treatment doesn’t end when you’re discharged. When it’s time to plan your leave, our team helps clients transition from life in a treatment. Many of our clients matriculate to a sober living environment in the area and continue receiving treatment on an outpatient bases.

We may refer family members to community resources to help them with their transition, too. Recovery is a journey for everyone.

How Do I or My Loved One Get Started with Anxiety & Addiction Treatment?

If you’re looking for help with substance abuse or an anxiety disorder, you may feel overwhelmed. Treatment is a big step, but it’s a good one. For many people with anxiety problems, reaching out is the first step to reclaiming their lives, especially if they have been abusing substances.

You can reclaim your life, learn new ways of coping, and find a pathway to serenity. You deserve the opportunity to grow and change with us. Give us a call to learn more about your options.

Please give us a call at 877-597-5700. It’s 100% confidential and we’re happy to help you with any questions.

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