Why Ascension Treatment?

Top Clinical Care in an Inspirational Environment

Ascension is an oasis of healing and recovery in the Palm Springs desert.  We have thought of every detail when we designed our treatment program, from recruiting a clinical team of masters level practitioners with a great track history to making sure the accommodations were well appointed and would be an uplifting reward to those who come to us for treatment. The result is a very intimate and highly effective treatment program that makes the path of recovery attainable and rewarding.

Addressing Underlying Issues for Real Change and Growth

It’s not enough to just halt the intake of substances and to ‘hang on to sobriety for dear life.’  If personal development work is done as part of the recovery process, then eventual the stresses of life and issues that haven’t been properly addressed will either lead to relapse, or at best a low quality of recovery.

The years of clinical experience our master level clinicians have attained allow us to really approach our clients holistically and help them process past events and manage any related disorders (ie trauma, anxiety, or depression) so that they can find serenity and fulfillment in their sobriety. We address the person’s mind, body, and spirit in order that they may experience growth and development that will cement new behaviors (while they enjoy the process).

A Community of Kindred Recovering Souls

Many of our staff have themselves have had their lives touched by addiction, and our treatment center is tied into a very uplifting and non-judgemental recovery community that understands that addiction is a brain disorder, and not a choice. We take care of our own in this community and you will find yourself standing beside others who want you to recovery and achieve your goals.

We Are Here to Help, Call us Today!

Our admissions counselors are standing by to answer your questions about getting help for yourself or a loved one. When you call, we will provide a confidential and complimentary assessment of your situation, and also verify your insurance benefits so that you can know what portion of treatment at Ascension will be covered.  Call us today at (909)736-4241 to let the healing begin.