Alcohol & Drug Rehab for Men

A Serene Setting for Inspirational Change

At Ascension, our men’s treatment offers a program of recovery that is holistic in nature and highly effective in facilitating change in our male clients. We are fully licensed and our multidisciplinary staff has decades of experience not only treating substance abuse disorders, but also co-existing disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and underlying trauma.

Many men who enter our treatment programs have been using for years and are looking for a way to change their lives. All men who come here want to find a way out of the chaos of active addiction. Our treatment program is highly personalized to the individual. Our focus is healing and helping the recovering person find fulfillment without the use of alcohol and drugs.

Starting With Detox

Depending on the substances being abused and the quantities, most men will start by completing a detox program prior to entering our treatment program. Detox provides a safe and comfortable environment to stabilize the man so that he is ready for the therapeutic processes involved in residential treatment.

Drugs that have severe withdrawal effects, such as opioids, cocaine, alcohol, and benzodiazepines can cause serious side effects when a person is purging them from their system. In these cases, a medically supervised detox can be sure that the man is safe and also help by providing medication to help minimize cravings and discomfort.

Residential Treatment at Ascension

Our treatment program offers a structured program that focuses on helping the man make feel whole and fulfilled without using his drug of choice. This means taking care of the body as well as the mind. Men will spend part of the day in counseling sessions, educational workshops, and 12-step meetings, but the  men are also encouraged to take an active part in their wellness by getting outside and taking advantage of our beautiful natural surroundings in Palm Springs.

Our treatment model combines the latest in evidence-based addiction therapy as well as support groups such as 12 Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. We offer a variety of supportive programs and specialize in helping the recovering man.
Our treatment program is a caring, therapeutic environment where we are able to help clients build self-awareness, understand their personal stories and examine their beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. Through this self-examination, we provide tools and an intimate setting where men have the time and space to heal.

Starting over is never easy. Our clients often come from different walks of life and may have had successful careers. Many have families who become a part of the healing process. Healing these relationships is a part of the treatment process. Helping our clients find peace and serenity is something we’re passionate about, and our trained professional staff can help recovering addicts pave the way towards a new way of life.

Mental Health and Men’s Addiction Treatment

Many men who enter treatment do so with coexisting disorders such as depression or anxiety. Our residential treatment program is ideal for treating mental health issues simultaneous to the chemical dependency. True wellness occurs when you address the body, mind and spirit, which is why we take a holistic, compassionate approach to our addiction treatment.
By spending time in treatment, men are given time and space away from the everyday stresses of their daily life. This important “breathing room” allows a client to adjust to life without their drug of choice and start to find joy and fulfillment in other ways.

In treatment, men learn new coping skills for both their mental well-being and addiction. These skills will continue to serve them well in life as they adjust to life without drugs.

Getting Help

Learning to live without drugs and alcohol is often difficult if you try to do it alone. Research and experience shows that when men seek treatment under the care and guidance of treatment professionals, they have better outcomes than those who try to “go it alone.” Residential treatment is recommended to help give you or your loved one the best tools for getting or staying clean.

Our professional staff here at Ascension is happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please give us a call at (909)736-4241. Each call is completely confidential and we can walk you through your treatment options.